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Science Area
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Xenobiology (Xenobio)
The slime dissection place.
Obvious exits Research Division north, Xenobio maintenance south
Purpose To study alien lifeforms
Access level
Noteworthy contents Slimes, Slime Processor, Solid Plasma, Monkey Recycling Machine, two Monkey Cube Boxes, two Shield Generators
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Scientists
Security level Medium
Style Laboratory
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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For the Guide to Xenobiology, click here.

The lab that specializes in the study of alien lifeforms, such as Slimes and sometimes Xenomorphs. Slime pens to the south, secure pen to the north. At the start of the shift, this lab comes with two Slimes in pens, two Monkey Cube boxes, slime processing equipment, and two Shield Generator that a Scientist needs to set up in case they want to use the northern pen.

There are several disposal units here. Most of them goes into each of the containment pens. The disposal unit not paired with a containment pen leads straight into space, that way the lab rats can't escape into the disposal system.

Requires Xenobiology access to enter.

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