Xenoarchaeology Shuttle

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For the Guide to Xenoarchaeology, click here.

Science Area
Meta xenoarchshuttle.png
Xenoarchaeology Shuttle
The bomb factory.
Obvious exits Research Division west, Toxins test firing range south, space east
Purpose To transport scientists to and fro the xenoarchaeology outpost on the mining asterod
Access level
Noteworthy contents A shuttle control console.
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Scientists, Roboticists (skeleton crew)
Security level Medium
Style Shuttle
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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It's a hallway that leads to a console and a shuttle. Pretty self-explanatory. If the shuttle isn't there, use the console to call it. If it is there, go in the shuttle and use the console to depart to the xenoarchaeology outpost.