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Plasmamen have been added to the game proper on Sep. 23, 2015! Plasmaman skeleton.pngPlasmaman.png

"Plasmamen are a race of ever-burning husks contained within bio-suits. Plasmamen were once beings of myth and legend; tales to scare Toxins scientists into never building bombs ever. Needless to say, the clever ploy failed as to this day, Toxins continues to blow up stations everywhere by accident or on purpose for malicious intent.

It was confirmed recently that Plasmamen are indeed the victims of station-engulfing plasma fires and were the poor souls who happened to reach EVA or medbay to don biosuits in order to keep themselves alive. As apparent of their husks condition, this no doubt proved fruitless. "

This update adds content of the following nature:

  • New race/job
  • New equipment
  • New way to bring dead players back into the game
  • New supply crates

Plasmaman Race

Plasmamen have the following characteristics:

Positive Effects:

  • Plasma heals burn and brute damage for 5u each metabolic tick.
  • You're immune to radiation.
  • You have no blood.
  • You're a skeleton, that's on FIRE.

Negative Effects:

  • Breathing oxygen will kill you.
  • You're weak to cold.
  • You're confined to your suit.
  • You're not considered human by the AI.

Equipment & Items

This update adds the following clothing items to the game:

Supply Crates

This update adds the following supply crates, available for cargo to order: