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M00nm4nhere (talkcontribs)

Talk about who's gonna do what and what're you planning to do.

I'm trying to rework on the R&D bible right now but i have no idea how to fix the actual R&D page because i don't know how to wikiformat. The "default" exosuit fabricator items in that page only show how many resources they require to be made but they say nothing of the actual research levels they give to you when DA'd, this is incredibly troublesome as some people may overlook something as important as the mech-mounted Syringe Gun which is currently one of the only ways to properly get Electromagnetic (EMP) levels to 5 without miner materials.

In the meantime that someone figures out how to use this, i'll be torrenting 70 terabytes of trap doujins.

8station (talkcontribs)

Like I said in the thread, having easy access information is a huge boon for editors so it's perfectly fine to contribute that way. But if you're serious about editing then I suggest tackling the table. There's a number of ways you could go about it.

You could:

  1. Create a new table template specific for DA stuff. This table would grow to be massive but allow people to more easily create R&D bibles on their own for what they're after.
  2. Use the Researchable Items table template. It has most of the columns needed. Personally I think this is the worst option since it doesn't play nice with every resolution as it would require too many columns for decent viewing.
  3. The more elegant, easier but less information-centralized solution is to simply make the names into tooltips which display their DA info.
8station (talkcontribs)

After thinking about it for a bit it seems that if you were to do this correctly, making a new DA page altogether would be (regrettably) the best option. It doesn't make sense to have the disassembly information available for the default exosuit fabricator parts but no other items.

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WalkingTalkingWew (talkcontribs)
WalkingTalkingWew (talkcontribs)

Anything more than that go to the wiki markup page, it's not super hard to find what code you need.

Ok is it just stopping me from posting links to actual wiki?

WalkingTalkingWew (talkcontribs)

Ok I think I may have tamed the beast for now, so I'll just state what I'm planning

Right now I'm going through random pages and finding grammar/spelling issues when I can, but my main project is going through the huge "list" guides like cooking guide and just cleaning that shit up. I'm not changing the actual content or anything, I'm just making shit either alphabetical or more easy to look at and digest.

If you're interested in RnD guide, the dump that 13136599 posted seems to have one in it. Can't tell you the exact contents, but there is a folder named "RnD guide" with stuff in it, so you might want to start there, assuming it isn't just a copy of what's already up

WalkingTalkingWew (talkcontribs)

I may also take some time to update the Songs page, mainly just taking stuff from /tg/ wiki and if I can find anything else interesting. Feel free to find fun songs, just keep in mind they generally have to be super simple, otherwise the poor clown won't be able to play his happy tunes on his horn! Also there is a limit to how many lines you can put onto an instrument at anyone time, not sure exactly what it is, I believe it's close to 50 lines, so shit like the "megalovania" listing on /tg/ does NOT fucking work. If Chaos could give us a hard number on that, that would be great.

M00nm4nhere (talkcontribs)

I'm gonna look at the dump he posted, it seems really interesting and there may be some good stuff in there that may fit on other pages as well. It's a bit of an issue that you have a character limit but NO INDICATION THAT THERE IS ANY LIMIT just gotta keep posts on a low character count i guess. I may be able to compose or make some midis into songs with the midi2piano tool, it seems fairly easy to use and i'm sure flstudio/midieditor is compatible with it. If it goes well, we'll see if i can also make a guide on how to make a song with it, i remember some wikis like the 2d4 station (REAL /tg/, not nuTG) tell you about using certain software to have specific .mid files to convert but i'll try and see if i can make an easy to use guide and provide tools by uploading into the wiki if possible.

WalkingTalkingWew (talkcontribs)

Nice, songs should be super low priority, so if you have other things you rather focus on go ahead and do that, but if you can add a simple guide for people to make their own that would be great!

Updated the link on the songs page to the new midi2piano tool at /tg/'s git. Feel free to steal appropriate the tool to our git and change the link if you like. Changing the link is just a simple copy and paste over the old link in the page's code.

8station (talkcontribs)

I've just now finished updating all the images for the Metastation map and adding some new locations.

/tg/ already has a template in place for having content "tabs" on pages for if/when we get a regular map rotation or second map going so I'm not too worried about that until it happens. In the meantime the naming syntax for the filenames is consistent and identifiable. I've compressed some information and display of content on some of those pages, but what I haven't done is gone through and made sure all the information presented on those pages is correct.

That is a very tedious job. Would appreciate help.

My overall aim is to work through this page since missing images looks very sloppy.

Pro Tips for Big Guys

WalkingTalkingWew (talkcontribs)

Assuming that this won't just always be me and moonman, and others will probably also be learning wikicode let's leave some PRO TIPs

  • you can't Something I just learned about this talk page here is that it doesn't seem to like any external links, including original normal wiki, so if you can't post, check to make sure you didn't link any trap doujins like a fucking degenerate
  • If you're unsure about an edit, don't be afraid to push it, at this point any help is good help, and any anime dicks (female) can probably be roll'ed back, although I believe only Chaos can do that, so if dicks start appearing just nag him
  • I'm pretty sure you don't need an account to make edits right now. In fact there really isn't anything stopping people from changing the wikis to whatever they want. I've made a "needs revision" note on the Guide to Editing the Wiki page on the bottom of the page about how apparently /tg/ had it so that you had to answer one of two random question about either SS13 or /tg/ before you were allowed to make edits. We could use something like that, but it would be hard to find a balance between "METACLUB WIKI EDITS ONLY, GET OUT REEEEE" and "Hey in this revision I changed the entire singulo guide into a collection of my xeno porn, I think this really adds to the experience :^)"
  • You probably shouldn't have much of a need for this, but if you want to leave notes in your code use: <!-- I hate those jews --> to leave lines in the code that won't show up on or affect the actual page. Good for stealth bullying

Feel free to add any good tips you've learned here, but don't just copy paste the wiki markup page please.

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