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Please see Terminology if you don't understand a word here.


1. Do not post anything related to the current shift (In Character) in the OOC (Out Of Character) chat

This is simple enough, and the only people who will break this rule are either the ignorant or the angry. Do not say anything related to the current shift. This includes questions that relate to your job, other players and more. If you have a question, please use ahelp instead. If no admins are on, or the admins do not know the answer of your question and have given you permission to use the OOC chat, then you are allowed to use the ooc chat to ask the population of the server. If you say anything in the OOC chat that involves either your death ingame or the antagonists of the round, then prepared to face the consequences.

2. Do not Grief

If you are not an antagonist, and you either; Kill people without reason, break your laws as a silicon, generally ruining any form of fun (a better and more in detail list from a better wiki "of course i can't use hyperlinks go fuck yourself wiki trash", and of course ignore the bigotry/sexism shit because we aren't fucking faggots), You will be punished depending on the situation and the actions you have done. Antagonists are generally exempted from this rule, but please don't go overboard with it.

3. Do not Metagame

Metagaming is the act of using out-of-character devices and knowledge to the point where it affects others gameplay in a significant or negative way. There are other cases of metagaming, like playing with your friends. If you are playing with your friends with the intention of griefing or generally shitposting the round, be prepared for a permanent ban. If you have a grudge with a certain player on the station that you can recognise because of their character's looks, and you purposefully fuck around with them with the intention of ruining their day (for example, stuncuffing them, taking them to permabrig and leaving them there for multiple rounds), then be prepared for the consequences.

4. Do not abuse ahelp

If you have a problem or a situation and you are unhappy with the admin's decision, do not spam ahelp with insults. We generally have a no tolerance rule towards shitters, and someone who abuses the adminhelp command will either have the ability to contact the admins revoked or straight up banned.

Recommended Guidelines

This are merely a bunch of rules we suggest you do, but it isn't mandatory and not doing it won't get you banned.

1. Roleplaying appropriately

Roleplaying appropriately generally means doing things that make sense in character, such as doing your job, acting normally (not running around with the entire armory in your backpack as an non-antagonist assistant) and not being a shitter (Of course, some of these cases can and will get you banned). If you believe this guideline means being a namefag with a special character, you're wrong. Namefagging is only tolerated if it isn't done every round. If you do it every round, you will be contacted by the admins to stop, or simply murderboned by the crew if you have a reputation of being a massive erp slut. Roleplaying as your job is what we want, not roleplaying as your character.

2. Acting normally in regards of the server's wanted audience.

This is more of a guideline towards pubbies and some shitposting retards. If you either; get offended by racial or "sexist" slurs, use emotes or generally act like a bumbling retard, you will be bullied in either IC or OOC (depends on the chat), and I can guarantee that us, the admins, will bully you aswell.