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Science Area
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Mech Bay and Robotics Lab
The mech factory.
Obvious exits Research Division east, Aft Primary Hallway west, maintenance west, Mech Bay north
Purpose To manufacture stompy mechs for various purposes
Access level
Noteworthy contents Two Exosuit Fabricators, an R&D Console, a Circuit Imprinter, an operation table and surgical tools
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Roboticists, Scientists
Security level Medium
Style Garage/Laboratory
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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For the Guide to Robotics, click here.


This is the area which you'll wish you'd pillaged and bombed when the Roboticist has his borgs killing comms and your fellow crew members.

  • Generally guaranteed to find someone lying with their brain out, the Robotics Lab is a great place to go if you find you're fed up with the role you've been assigned. Just get one of the whitecoats inside to slice you, splice you and stuff you into a Cyborg unit and you can live out that Wall-E fantasy all day long!
  • This is also one of the first places Cargo usually contact screaming: We want a Ripley!.
  • Two Exosuit Fabricators, an R&D Console, and a Circuit Imprinter allows anyone with the access to make anything mechanized. This area also comes equipped with an operation table to carry out borging operations, whether or not the patients asked for it. Requires Robotics access.
  • The assembly line is a favourite target for Revolutions due to the abundance of flashes laying around.

For more information, see the Roboticist or Guide to robotics pages.

Mech Bay

This area is where Mechs and Cyborgs go when they need to recharge and get repairs, have a laugh and socialise. A blast door nearby allows the mechs to go in and out without the need for Robotics access.

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