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Here's a dumpy roadmap for what I plan to do for this wiki, so contributors can stay on point. Items in phases aren't even really in any particular order. It's whatever, man.

Update: Old wikifag is gone, but I'm going to try to maintain this wiki the best I can. Old wikifag is a baller, I hope to live up to his legacy and your standards! WalkingTalkingWew (talk) 18:13, 31 July 2017 (UTC)

Consistent chores

I'm moving some stuff from old wikifag's parts and putting them in here as well as adding some of my own stuff, as I feel these are things that are never actually fully accomplished but rather things that will need to be updated whenever they can be
  • Keep our content up to date
  • Fix any outdated info
  • Polish tables
  • Find and fix spelling, grammar, and formatting issues
  • Make everything look clean and aesthetic
  • Further polish and maintaining

Part 1

  • Establish wiki, logo, mainpage, server information
  • Create chemistry tables
  • Establish templates
  • Rework new player's guide
  • Establish important meta pages. Possibly create pages for contributor accessibility if editors are new to MediaWiki
  • do babby's first css on everything (never finished)
  • Get important guides out of the way, polish them first time around and try to add in relevant info for our content so users can start using wiki
    • RnD
    • Surgery
    • Recipe
    • Adv. Construction
    • Basic Construction
    • Viro
    • etc
  • Import all /tg/ images (Images ready. Uploading issues)
  • Import all /tg/ pages, barring conflicting ones (Mostly done. Some pages weren't categorized and I'll have to go back for them later)

Part 2

  • Update map images etc
  • Make redirects (No idea how to efficiently do this since to do it as completely I would like totals like 1500 redirects)
  • Rewrite some guides
  • Perhaps migrate to a dark skin because white at night burns bright

Part 3: The Revengence

  • Take old wikifags dumps and get them uploaded and formatted where applicable
  • Add missing items/recipes/chemicals/values, you name it
  • Remove all mentions of /tg/ and replace them with 8Station
  • Update Songs list, mainly just taking what the current /tg/ station has that we don't