Research Director's Office

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Science Area
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Research Director's Office
The RD's lair.
Obvious exits Research Division west
Purpose For the RD to have a safe place where he/she can watch over the borgs, AI and his division.
Access level
Noteworthy contents AI System Integrity Restorer, Robotics Control, Exosuit Control, InteliCard, Personal AI Device, AI Core circuitboard, Teleporter circuitboard, Reactive Teleport Armor, Lamarr
Clearance Captain, Research Director
Security level High
Style Office
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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In the centre of the department is the private office of the Research Director. It holds several vital computer systems inside itself, including the Robotics Control console. There is also a handy surveillance monitor where the RD can inspect the laboratories he supervises from the safety of his office.

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