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Recreational Area
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A location entirely too large for its usefulness to the station, the library is where murders and lynchings happen.
Obvious exits North and west to the Central Primary Hallway, South to maintenance
Purpose A place to read a few good books or learn more about your job with the help of a good reference-book!Forget about that gay shit. This is exclusively for printing out erotic crossover anime fanfics.
Access level Public
Noteworthy contents A book binder, two scanners and two library computers
Clearance Everyone to the main library area, Librarian and Head of Personnel to the librarian's private study, however the two public private studies are all access.
Security level Low
Style Not defined
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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This is one of the more quiet places on station, but still gets enough traffic to not attract illicit activities. The Librarian spawns here, and he gets his own private study behind his desk (to read Woody's Got Wood over the radio), both of which requires Library access. In the back is a work space ideal for holding meetings, organizing a newscast, or even a game of DnD.

The library is located adjacent to the Chapel. It's meant to be a place to keep local copies of books from the External Archive, but the librarian often just prints books and leaves them on his counter. Also used by people who want to be reporters to use newscasters and folders to publish their material.

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