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Recreational Area
Meta hydroponics.png
Plants grow here and stuff.
Obvious exits West to Central Primary Hallway, south/east to maintenance, north to kitchen.
Purpose To make healthy fruits and vegetables for the chef to process and rest of the crew to munch on.
Access level
Noteworthy contents MegaSeed Servitor, NutriMax, Seed Extractor, Biogenerator
Clearance Captain, Head of Personnel, Botanist
Security level Low
Style Hydroponics
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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For the Guide to Hydroponics, click here.

Below the bar and kitchen, sharing a window with the kitchen, this is where food is grown. The Botanist works here. It has two watertanks and buckets, three lockers full of hydroponics supplies (Mini hoes and Plant-b-gone spray bottles), a bottle of Anti-Toxin, some Syringes to inject said Anti-Toxin into the plants, a Plant Analyzer, a crate containing a Screwdriver and a Wrench, and an encouraging letter from the previous botanist. Read the Guide to hydroponics for more info.

The four devices present in this room are :

  • The MegaSeed Servitor vending machine
  • The NutriMax vending machine
  • The Seed Extractor
  • The Biogenerator, filled with plants (Nettles excepted), which can produce, for a biomass cost:
    • E-Z-Nutrient, Left 4 Zed, Robust Harvest
    • Slabs of meat, Milk
    • Leather Satchel, Wallet, Leather Gloves

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