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Recreational Area
Meta holodeck.png
A place to relax at the beach or play some b-ball.
Obvious exits South to Dormitories
Purpose To provide entertainment and variety of activity for the stressed workers
Access level Public
Noteworthy contents Depends on the simulation
Clearance Everyone
Security level Low
Style Holodeck
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The holodeck is equipped for all your entertainment needs.

Notice: All items included in the simulation will disappear if carried out of the Holodeck.

Included simulations are:

  1. An empty court, simple and versatile.
  2. A dodgeball court, with balls for dodging
  3. A basketball court, complete with two hoops and a ball, just be sure not to Chaos Dunk.
  4. A Thunderdome court, with holo-armor and holo-energy swords.
  5. A relaxing beach for those stressful days. Complete with sunglasses, a beach ball and crystal clear water!

CAUTION: There exist a few simulations that were for testing during development ONLY, featuring plasma fires and holographic space carp. Fortunately, they have been safely locked away within the holodeck's safeties. It would take some sort of magic hacking card or rogue silicon to unlock them.

Injuries sustained by holo-weapons are purely simulated. Simply take a short nap in the nearby dorms to recover your energy.

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