Guardian Spirit

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Guardian Spirit
Access: Depends on the type of spirit
Additional Access: Wherever your summoner takes you
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Whoever summoned you
Duties: Follow your summoner and do what he says; don't die.
Resources: This is the guide


A guardian spirit is a special being that is bound to the single person that summoned it. It is summoned through either a deck of tarot cards, a parasitic nanomachine injector, or a scarab egg cluster. Currently, these summoning items are admin-only (and therefore Guardian Spirits are admin only).


A guardian spirit is a special ghost-like being that lives inside of its master. It can communicate with its master telepathically (and the master can communicate back), as well as emerge from and retreat back into its master at will. If the spirit tries to escape its master and moves too far away, it will automatically be moved back to them. The spirit itself is technically invincible on its own, but upon taking damage, the damage is transferred to its master. If the master dies, the spirit dies, as well. This means that the master and the spirit will have to watch out for each other to ensure the survival of both.

Types of Guardian Spirits

When summoned, the summoner can choose between several different types of spirits. Each have their own abilities, advantages, and drawbacks.


The standard type has no special abilities, but have a higher damage resistance than usual and a punch that deals 25 brute damage in a single attack. You can also smash through normal walls. You can also set your battlecry to whatever you want, and whenever you attack you will automatically say it repeatedly! (For example, if you set it to "butt," then whenever you attack you will automatically cry "Buttbuttbuttbuttbuttbuttbutt")


The fire type has very light damage resistance and his attack only does 10 brute damage per hit, but whenever he bumps into someone, they will suddenly ignite! Be careful not to ignite your master.


The scout type is a bit different from the other types. They cannot attack at all, but in exchange are able to move an infinite distance away from their master without being warped back automatically, and can pass through all objects.


The shield type moves slower than the rest and lacks an attack, but nullifies any attacks that hit it. It is good for blocking gunfire or dragging its master out of danger.


The ranged type has only light damage resistance, but it can fire crystal spray at an incredibly rapid rate, each doing 4 brute damage. It is very good for winning a fight from a distance, or for having the master take the front with melee while the guardian gives supporting fire from behind. In addition to this, it also has a standard melee attack if it gets in too close, which is much slower than the ranged attack but does 10 brute damage per hit.


The healer type is incapable of dealing damage, but can instead heal all damage by attacking a target. It heals 5 of every damage type per hit, and can hit at a fairly rapid rate.


The fast type is much quicker than other types and has an attack that deals 20 brute per hit. It has only light damage resistance. It is much like the standard type, only with more focus on avoiding damage rather than tanking it.


The explosive type is similar to the standard type, but only does 15 brute damage per hit. However, it has a very special power: Once every 40 seconds, it can shift+click an item to convert that item into a disguised bomb. The next person to try to pick up that bomb will be hit with a massive and devastating blast!

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