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General Area
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Escape Shuttle
The escape shuttle: the savior and bane of many players.
Obvious exits North to the Departures when docked, west to Space otherwise
Purpose Transporting the station crew back to CentCom
Access level Public access to the main seating and medical areas, security access to the shuttle brig, command access to the shuttle bridge
Noteworthy contents Two sleepers, emergency and medical supplies
Clearance Everyone
Security level Medium
Style Shuttle
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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On one hand, it is with this that many players are allowed to supposedly continue life after departing Space Station 13. On the other, many players may die waiting for the shuttle to leave, due to either a shuttle brawl or a traitor who happens to want no company with him on his return voyage. The escape shuttle is also the cause of many arguments as to whether or not the situation on the station warrants an evacuation. (The correct answer is, if anyone is working in toxins, you should call the shuttle, just to be safe).

Let's not muck around here. You may have avoided death by asphyxiation thanks to some greyshit smashing windows for the hell of it. You may have dodged a bomb ripping the Medbay to pieces. You might not have breathed in the horrible, horrible virus that was "accidentally" released into the air system. But none of that my good friend, compares to the hell that awaits.

Any form of restraint that was previously displayed has a mysterious habit of vanishing in the last few minutes of a station's life. Friends turn on friends. Clowns become murdering psychopaths (more than usual). Security starts stunning everyone and anyone. Yakkety saxing ensues as valid hunters act upon suspicions and reckless traitors respond in turn.

Welcome to the Escape Shuttle. Can be found by following the aft primary hallway to Departures.

Calling the Shuttle

The shuttle can be called from a Communications Console by any Heads of Staff, the AI and its Cyborgs, or anyone with Bridge access. The same people, except the AI and its cyborgs, can recall the shuttle so long as 5 minutes have not passed (3 in Red Alert) since it was called. During Revolution, Malfunction and Blob game modes, the shuttle can be called and will arrive, but it will not depart from the station.

Once called, the shuttle takes ten minutes for Central Command to power, program, and supply before arriving at the station, waiting for three minutes (if the Heads or a traitor with an emag don't get too jumpy first), and then leaves the station, taking two minutes to travel in hyperspace. Presumably the supplies are in case in the shuttle really fouls up this hyperspace process.

An alternative to the shuttle is to escape on an escape pod.

Shuttle Bridge

The shuttle bridge at the aft section requires Bridge/Headquarters access and is reserved for the Heads of Staff, although the general crew gets a boner for occupying restricted areas and will try and slip in.

The bridge contains an intercom and many consoles, the most important one being the Shuttle Console. If at least three Heads of Staff swipe their IDs on it (or if a traitor emags it), the waiting time for the shuttle gets shortened to 10 seconds. Doing so as a non-antag and without a genuine, immediate emergency (rampaging singularity, nuke ops, mass murder, etc.) is a good way to make everyone, including the admins, hate you.

Shuttle Brig

The shuttle brig (marked with red flooring) should be used to house criminals long enough to be transferred over to Centcom security for further investigation and possible incarceration. Traitors within the brig when the shuttle arrives at Centcom will fail their escape objective. Requires Security access to enter.

Due to the fact that this, in effect, is Security's only haven on an otherwise chaotic shuttle, you can generally take it as read that walking through those airlock doors into the Shuttle Brig without being Security will get you robusted to fuck, or just outright murdered. Security are understandably incredibly twitchy on the Shuttle, so probably best just to leave them in peace as they beat their prisoners into submission for the Centcom bods.

Shuttle Medbay

A small medical area, containing two sleepers and basic medical supplies. First aid kits are also located throughout the shuttle and on the bridge.

Shuttle Cargo

A small holding area in the southwest end of the shuttle with a few lockers and crates. Why does this exist? Nobody knows. Usually houses one or two people attempting to hide from the carnage outside.

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