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Security Area
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Detective's Office
This is the place the Detective hangs around. It is located just outside the Security Sector, at the end of the hall. It has all of the detective's security, forensic, and personal items. Clowns and other thieves may break in to steal items. Requires Forensics access to enter.
Obvious exits Maintenance south, Hallway north.
Purpose Evidence goes here.
Access level Forensics
Noteworthy contents See below
Clearance Captain, Head of Security, Detective
Security level
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The following is in the office:

  • A desk Lamp
  • A suitcase
  • A Forensic Locker
  • A Security Monitor (Disguised as a television).
  • A Security File Computer (Disguised as a filing cabinet).
  • A High-Res Forensic Scanning Computer.
  • A pack of cigarettes
  • A .38 revolver
  • Two sets of non-lethal rounds for the .38
  • A less than secure safe

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