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Security Area
Meta courtroom.png
Obvious exits Brig north-west, maintenance east, North Primary Hallway west
Purpose Hold legal hearings.
Access level Security
Noteworthy contents Chairs and a few tables
Clearance Head of Security, Warden, Security Officer, Lawyer, Detective, and also all Heads of Staff.
Security level Low
Style Courtroom
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The courtroom is used in legal hearings. It is located in the security sector just to the right of the Brig. Anyone may come and observe, but only those with Courtroom access can enter the court proper.

A cell is in the top right corner for the criminal scum defendant to be kept, tables are designated for the prosecution and defense, and a locker in the top left corner contains the judge's belongings. An intercom is also present to broadcast and/or advertise the rare trial to the crew at large.

Head of staff typically act as the judges, rarely the clown, and the detective and lawyer in the legal representative sides. If following proper legal format, the cases should take only a few moments. But usually, no one knows how to properly hold a trial and everyone gets blown up by a traitor who wasn't being put in the hot box.

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