Chief Medical Officer's Office

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Medical Area
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Chief Medical Officer's Office
A camping place for the CMO.
Obvious exits West to the Medbay
Purpose To offer the Chief Medical Officer and his/her pet Runtime a safe place.
Access level CMO Office
Noteworthy contents Crew Monitor Computer, Hypospray, Compact Defibrillator
Clearance Chief Medical Officer
Security level Medium
Style Hospital
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The tiny home of the least important head on the station and his pet cat, Runtime. Inside the locker, there is the only Compact Defibrillator on station, which is a very robust item, worn on the belt slot, as well as the Hypospray. If the other Heads ever deign to acknowledge his existence there's a Keycard Authentication Device on the wall, and a communications console can be used to make station wide announcements. The office (like all head offices) has an ID access console (for demoting chemists who mistook their workplace for a krokodil factory), as well as a medical records console.

Furthermore, a suit storage unit containing the Medical Hardsuit can be found in this office. This is a lightweight hardsuit to be used for EMT recovery in areas with problematic atmospherics.

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