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On this page is various tables for each chemical category. If you're looking for a guide that tells you what you should be doing as chemist, you want the guide on the chemist job page.

If you want a table with all chemicals on it, rather than each category of chemical having it's own table, use the master chemistry table.


Name Formula Category Description
Alkysine [1]-Dylovene 1-Chlorine 1-Nitrogen Brain Heals brain damage.
Arithrazine 1-Hyronalin 1-Hydrogen Radiation Heals radiation damage quickly.
Atropine 1-Ethanol 1-Sulphuric Acid 1-Acetone 1-Diethylamine 1-Phenol Critical Heals critted patients. Overdose: 35u
Bicaridine 1-Inaprovaline 1-Carbon Brute Heals brute damage. Overdose: 60u
Calomel 1-Mercury 1-Chlorine @ Temp: 374k Purge Purges other chemicals quickly and deals toxin damage.
Clonexadone 1-Cryoxadone 1-Sodium, 5u Plasma(Catalyst) Omni+ Heals damage more effectively when user is cold. Used for cryogenics.
Cryoxadone 1-Stable Plasma 1-Acetone 1-Mutagen Omni Heals all damage when user is cold. Used for cryogenics.
Dermaline 1-Oxygen 1-Phosphorous 1-Kelotane Burn+ Heals burn damage efficiently. Overdose: 60u
Dexalin 2-Oxygen, 5u Plasma(Catalyst) Oxygen Heals oxygen damage. Overdose: 60u
Dexalin Plus 1-Dexalin 1-Iron 1-Carbon Oxygen+ Heals oxygen damage very well. OD:60
Diphenhydramine 1-Oil 1-Diethylamine 1-Carbon 1-Bromine 1-Ethanol Purge Purges histamine.
Doctor's Delight 1-Tricordrazine 1-Cream 1-Tomato Juice 1-Lime Juice 1-Orange Juice Omni+ Heals all damage. Overdose: 55u
Dylovene (Anti-toxin) 1-Nitrogen 1-Silicon 1-Potassium Toxins Heals toxin damage and purges other chemicals.
Ephedrine 1-Sugar 1-Oil 1-Hydrogen 1-Diethylamine Unique Makes user go fast and lessens stuns. Overdose: 45u, Addiction: 30u
Ethylredoxrazine 1-Oxygen 1-Carbon 1-Dylovene Unique Cures drunkness.
Hyperzine 1-Sugar 1-Phosphorous 1-Sulfur Unique Makes user go fast. Overdose: 60u
Hyronalin 1-Dylovene 1-Radium Radiation Heals radiation damage.
Imidazoline 1-Hydrogen 1-Carbon 1-Dylovene Eye Heals eye damage.
Inacusiate 1-Water 1-Carbon 1-Dylovene Ear Heals ear damage.
Inaprovaline 1-Carbon 1-Oxygen 1-Sugar Critical Stabilizes people in crit. Overdose: 30u
Insulin ?? Unique Removes sugar from patient.
Kelotane 1-Silicon 1-Carbon Burn Heals burn damage. Overdose: 60u
Leporazine 1-Silicon 1-Copper, 5u Plasma (Catalyst) Unique Stabilizes patient temperature.
Lipozine 1-Salt 1-Ethanol 5-Radium Unique Removes nutriment from patient.
Morphine Comes from vendors. Unique Knocks user out after some time. Overdose: 30u, Addiction: 25u
Omnizine Extracted from Ambrosia Deus. Omni Heals all damage.
Pentetic Acid 1-W.Fuel 1-Chlorine 1-Ammonia 1-Formaldehyde 1-Sodium 1-Cyanide Purge Purges other chemicals and heals toxin damage.
Potassium Iodide 1-Potassium 1-Iodine Radiation Heals low radiation damage.
Rezadone 1-Carpotoxin 1-Cryptobiolin 1-Copper Cellular Heals clone damage. Toxic in high concentrations.
Ryetalyn 1-Arithrazine 1-Carbon Unique Cures mutations.
Saline-Glucose 1-Salt 1-Water 1-Sugar Brute+Burn Slowly heals burn and brute damage.
Silver Sulfadiazine 1-Ammonia 1-Silver 1-Sulfur 1-Oxygen 1-Chlorine Burn+ Heals burn damage on touch. (Burn patches)
Spaceacillin 1-Cryptobiolin 1-Inaprovaline Unique Cures some viruses.
Strange Reagent 1-Tricodrazine [1]-Holy Water 1-Mutagen Unique Can revive dead people, but hurts the living.
Styptic Powder 1-Aluminum 1-Hydrogen 1-Oxygen 1-Sulph Acid Brute+ Heals brute damage on touch. (Brute patches)
Synaptizine 1-Sugar 1-Lithium 1-Water Unique Cures diseases.
Tricordrazine 1-Inaprovaline 1-Dylovene Omni Heals all damage slowly.


Name Formula Category Description
Amantin Traitor Uplink Toxin, Unique Upon final tick, it hits the target with a stack of toxin damage based upon how long it was in their system.
Amatoxin Found in fly amanitas. Toxic Steadily deals toxin damage- other than that, not much. 15u in a monkey seems to deal ~38 toxin damage over the whole metabolic duration.
Burning Spore Toxin ? Unique Instantly ignites target.
Carpotoxin Found in space carp. Reagent Used in other chemical formulas.
Chloral Hydrate 3-Chlorine 1-Ethanol 1-Water Knockout Knocks target out after a delay. Causes minor toxic damage. ~30u is lethal.
Coniine Traitor Uplink Oxygen, Toxin +2 tox and +5 seconds of loss of breath.
Curare Traitor Uplink Oxygen, Toxin, Knockout +1 tox and +1 oxy/3 seconds. Knocks target out after 33 seconds.
Cyanide 1-Oil 1-Ammonia 1-Oxygen @ Temp: 380k Oxygen, Toxin Deals random amounts of toxin damage while doing oxy damage slowly. Can be very harmful.
Food Poisoning (????) Found in burnt mess. Poorly made food. Oxygen, Paralysis Will deal a minor amount of toxin damage.
Formaldehyde 1-Ethanol 1-Oxygen 1-Silver @ Temp: 420k Toxin, Unique Causes moderate toxin damage over time. Has a chance to decay into 10-15u of Histamine.
Histamine Traitor Uplink Unique Causes moderate brute over time. Impairs eyesight. Upon overdose (30u) causes huge brute, tox, and oxy damage.
Impedrezene 1-Mercury 1-Oxygen 1-Sugar Brain Causes brain damage upon ingestion.
Initropidril Traitor Uplink Toxin, Unique 33% chance to hit with 5-25 toxin damage every 3 seconds, and a 5-10% chance to either stun, cause lots of oxygen damage, or cause your heart to stop.
Itching Powder 1-Weld.Fuel 1-Ammonia 1-Dylovene Brute, Toxin Will cause target to itch, causing minor brute damage. Has a chance to decay into 1-3u of Histamine.
Lexorin 1-Plasma 1-Hydrogen 1-Nitrogen Oxygen Stops respiration and causes tissue damage. Large doses are fatal.
Lipolicide 1-Mercury 1-Diethylamine 1-Ephedrine Unique, Weight Loss +1 tox damage unless you have nutriment in you.
Mindbreaker 1-Silicon 1-Hydrogen 1-Dylovene Unique Causes hallucinations on user.
Mint Toxin Grind mint in the kitchen. Conditional death Instantly gibs fat people when ingested. Perhaps not so healthy at every size?
Mute toxin 2-Uranium 1-Water 1-Carbon Unique Mutes target. Very useful for ensuring a report-free assassination.
Neurotoxin Space Drugs @ Temp: 674k Toxin, Brain Will deal tox/brain up to 60u each. Knocks target out after 33 seconds.
Pancuronium Traitor Uplink Oxygen, Paralysis Paralyses after 30 seconds, with a 7% chance to cause 3-5 seconds of loss of breath.
Polonium Traitor Uplink Radiation Causes significant radiation damage over time.
Sleep Toxin 1-Chloral Hydrate 4-Sugar Knockout Makes user sleep after some time.
Slime Jelly Extracted from slimes. Unique Effects can vary based on color of slime the jelly was extracted from.
Sodium Thiopental Traitor Uplink Stamina, Knockout Knocks target out after 30 seconds, and causes severe stamina damage.
Spore Toxin ? Unique Causes vision impairment.
Stamina Toxin ? Stamina Not much info.
Sulfonal 1-Acetone 1-Diethylamine 1-Sulfur Toxin, Knockout Ticks for +1 tox/3 seconds. Knocks target out after 66 seconds.
Toxin ? Toxin Generic toxin. Primarily found in hacked Nanomed vending machines.
Unstable Mutagen 1-Chlorine 1-Phosphorous 1-Radium Unique Causes mutations.
Venom Traitor Uplink Brute, Toxin Will deal scaling brute and toxin over time. Has a chance to decay into 5-10u of Histamine.
Zombie Powder Sleepy Pen or 5u:5u:5u 1-Morphine 1-Carpotoxin 1-Copper Unique Paralyses target within seconds. When examined they appear dead. Very powerful.


Name Formula Description
Acetone 1-Oil 1-Weld.Fuel 1-Oxygen Chemical component.
Ammonia 3-Hydrogen 1-Nitrogen Fertilizer.
Ash 1-Oil @ Temp 480k Chemical waste.
Barber's Aid 1-Carpet 1-Radium 1-Space Drugs Changes hairstyle when used. You could just use a mirror instead.
Carpet 1-Space Drugs 1-Blood Makes carpets.
Capsacin Found in chili peppers. Used in chemical formulas.
Colorful Reagent 1-Stable Plasma 1-Radium 1-Space Drugs 1-Cryoxadone 1-Triple Citrus Juices Colors things.
Conc. Barber's Aid 1-Barber's Aid 1-Mutagen Grows hair when used.
Condensed Capsacin 1-Capsacin 5-Ethanol Used for riot control.
Corgium 1-Nutriment 1-Colorful Reagent 1-Strange Reagent 1-Blood @ Temp 374k Creates a corgi!
Cryptobiolin 1-Potassium 1-Oxygen 1-Sugar Confuses when ingested. Chemical component.
Diethylamine 1-Ammonia 1-Ethanol More powerful fertilizer. Used in krokodil.
Foam Reaction 1-Foam Surfactant 1-Water The actual foam releasing reaction.
Foam Surfactant 2-Carbon 2-Fluorine 1-Sulph. Acid Used to make foam.
Glycerol 3-Corn Oil 1-Sulph. Acid Used for nitroglycerine.
Life 1-Strange Reagent 1-Blood 1-Cryoxadone @ Temp 374k Creates a lifeform when used.
Metal Foam 1-Foaming Agent 1-Polytrinic Acid 3-Iron Creates metal walls.
Oil 1-Weld.Fuel 1-Carbon 1-Hydrogen Chemical component.
Pestkiller 1-Toxin 4-Ethanol A pestkiller. Wow.
Phenol 1-Water 1-Chlorine 1-Oil Chemical component.
Plant-b-Gone 1-Toxin 4-Water A weedkiller.
Polytrinic Acid 1-Chlorine 1-Potassium 1-Sulph. Acid A highly caustic and dangerous substance. Keep away from faces and valuable equipment. Used in some other recipes.
Salt 1-Sodium 1-Chlorine Sodium Chloride. Table salt.
Saltpetre 1-Nitrogen 1-Potassium 3-Oxygen Chemical component.
Space Cleaner 1-Ammonia 1-Water A cleaner that doesn't slip.
Space Lube 1-Water 1-Silicon 1-Oxygen Makes floors slippery. Slips people for a long time.
Sterilizine 1-Dylovene 1-Ethanol 1-Chlorine Minor tox damage when ingested.
Virus Food 5-Water 5-Milk Used to get low level virus symptoms.
Weedkiller 1-Toxin 4-Ammonia A weedkiller.


Name Formula Description
Blackpowder 1-Saltpetre 1-Dylovene 1-Sulfur Explodes at 474K temp.
Chlorine Trifluoride 1-Chlorine 3-Fluorine @ 424K Flammable.
Cryostylene 1-Water 1-Stable Plasma 1-Nitrogen Comes into existence at 20K and cools down when reacting with oxygen.
EMP 1-Uranium 1-Iron Disables electronics in a large area of effect.
Flash Powder 1-Aluminum 1-Potassium 1-Sulfur Emit a bright flash. Can be stabilized.
Liquid Dark Matter 1-Radium 1-Stable Plasma 1-Carbon Sends everything flying towards the reaction. Can be stabilized.
Napalm 1-Sugar 1-Fuel 1-Ethanol Sets things on fire.
Nitroglycerin 1-Glycerol 1-Polytrinic Acid 1-Sulph. Acid Explodes well. Can be stabilized.
Phlogiston 1-Phosphorous 1-Sulph. Acid 1-Stable Plasma Sets things on fire. Can be stabilized.
Potassium Explosion 1-Water 1-Potassium Explodes.
Pyrosium 1-Radium 1-Stable Plasma 1-Phosphorous Comes into existence at 20K and heats up when reacting with oxygen.
Smoke Powder 1-Phosphorous 1-Potassium 1-Sugar Reacts immediately upon mixing. Creates smoke (can be stabilized)
Sonic Powder 1-Oxygen [1]-Cola 1-Phosphorous Makes a loud noise. Can be stabilized.
Sorium 1-Mercury 1-Oxygen 1-Nitrogen 1-Carbon Sends everything flying away from the reaction. Can be stabilized.
Stabilizing Agent 1-Iron 1-Oxygen 1-Hydrogen Stops certain reactions from happening.
Thermite 1-Aluminum 1-Iron 1-Oxygen Can be splashed onto a wall, and then ignited to melt a hole through it. Even rwalls.


Name Formula Description
Aranesp 1-Inaprovaline 1-Atropine 1-Morphine Makes user feel “amped” and take oxygen damage.
Bath Salts 1-Burnt food 1-Saltpetre 1-Nutriment 1-Space Cleaner 1-Enzyme 1-Tea 1-Mercury @ Temp 374K Makes the subject nearly impervious to stuns, however the subject will suffer Toxin and Brain damage, constant hallucinations and will loose motor control.If overdosed the subject will lost even more motor control, drool and drop items in their hand.If addicted the subject will suffer very severe Brain damage, severe hallucinations, complete loss of motor control and eventually fatal amounts of Toxin damage.,OD: 20u, AD: 10u
Crank 1-Diphenhydramine 1-Ammonia 1-Lithium 1-Sulph. Acid 1-W.Fuel Reduces stun times by about 200%.If overdosed or addicted it will deal significant Toxin, Brute and Brain damage. AD: 10u OD: 15u? (Might be 20)
Hotline Uncreatable. Found in a certain plant. Makes user feel alert, and go really, really fast. AD: ? OD: ?
Joy 1-Morphine 1-Unstable Mutagen 1-Lipozine 1-Krokodil 1-Radium Makes the user feel nothing.
Krokodil 1-Diphenhydramine 1-Morphine 1-Space Cleaner 1-Phosphorous 1-Potassium 1-W.Fuel @ Temp 380K Provides messages of calmness. Overdosing deals heavy Brain and Tox damage. Addiction deals minor tox, brute, and brain damage over a long period of time. At the end of this period, the user takes heavy brute damage and becomes a living skeleton! OD: 20u, AD:15u
Methamphetamine 1-Ephedrine 1-Iodine 1-Phosphorous 1-Hydrogen @ Temp 374K Reduces stun times by about 300% and allows the user to quickly recover stamina while dealing a small amount of Brain damage.If overdosed the subject will move randomly, laugh randomly, drop items and suffer from Toxin and Brain damage.If addicted the subject will constantly jitter and drool, before becoming dizzy and losing motor control and eventually suffer heavy toxin damage. OD: 20u. AD: 10u.
Nicotine Found in cigarettes. Reduces stun times. OD: 35u, AD: 30u
Space Drugs 1-Lithium 1-Sugar 1-Mercury A generic drug.

Active Pure Chemicals

A.K.A. what happens when you eat these. Chemicals unmentioned don't have any effect.

  • Chlorine: Causes minor physical damage to various body parts.
  • Ethanol: The most potent alcoholic "beverage", with the fastest toxicity.
  • Fluorine: Causes minor toxin damage.
  • Lithium: Causes twitching, drooling, moaning and not being able to walk straight.
  • Mercury: Causes brain damage, twitching, drooling, moaning and not being able to walk straight.
  • Radium: Causes irradation.
  • Sugar: Gives nutrition.
  • Sulphuric Acid: Causes minor toxin damage and instant brute damage to one body part when ingested. Destroys head-wear and causes burn damage when sprayed on someone.
  • Plasma: Causes major toxin damage. Not to be confused with Stable Plasma. Found from grinding solid plasma sheets in the All-In-One Grinder.
  • Uranium: Causes slight irradiation. Found from grinding solid uranium sheets in the All-In-One Grinder.
  • Toxin: Causes moderate toxin damage.
  • Blue space jelly: randomly teleports whatever you inject or apply it to. just grind blue space crystals, one crystal gives 5u