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Recreational Area
Meta chapel.png
A holy, quiet place for those who seek peace of mind.
Obvious exits East to Departures, west to Crematorium maintenance, north to maintenance and through the mass driver to space
Purpose To hold sermons, listen to crew members' confessions and arranging burials for the fallen comrades
Access level Chapel, Crematorium, Maintenance
Noteworthy contents Crematorium, mass driver, null rod, soul shard fragment, and a book which grants the "Smoke" spell
Clearance Chaplain, Captain and Head of Personnel to the office. Anyone to the chapel
Security level Low
Style Chapel
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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This is where the Chaplain starts his shift. It is situated at the aft end of the station adjacent to Departures.

There are two confessional booths (one for the chaplain to sit in), as well as the chapel office. Also accessible by this office is the crematorium, for when robusting is not enough, as well as a mass driver, ostensibly for the disposal of deceased crewmen receiving a funeral (rather than deceased crewmen being launched into space to hide the bodies). All in all, not much happens here of any crucial importance, and it takes active effort by the Chaplain to get people to roleplay here. More often than not, the primary purpose will be to drag shitters and lings to the crematorium to ensure they never bother anyone again. It's also frequently broken into for the book that grants the Smoke spell.

Occasionally cults will use the Chapel as their base, both for stylistic reasons and because they can generally be sure that most people will not bother go inside, ever.

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