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For the Guide to Food and Drinks, click here.

Recreational Area
Meta bar.png
Bar, Kitchen, Theatre
Cigars, liquor, kitchen knives, trays, playing cards, costume accessories.
Obvious exits East to Theatre, north to the bar back room
Purpose Make burgers and pizza and nothing else ever, shitty drinks no one will consume, and literally NEVER EVER put on a play.
Access level
Noteworthy contents A piano, Booze-O-Mat, cigars, liquor, kitchen knives, trays, playing cards, costume accessories. A shotgun in the bar's back room.
Clearance Lobbies are accessible by everyone, the areas of production accessible by corresponding jobs.
Security level Low
Style Service
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The bar is located on the eastern side (starboard corridor) of the primary hallway, and is adjacent to the Kitchen. It is the spawn point and workplace of Pun Pun the Monkey (rip deempisi) and the Bartender. Seating is plentiful. So are distractions like arcade and slot machines.

The bar door and back room all require Bar access. Contains a Booze-O-Mat and all the tools the Bartender needs to mix and serve drinks. There is also a back room where beer kegs are stored and suspicious activities take place. The bartender's trusty double-barreled shotgun spawns here as well.

By default the bar is the Maltese Falcon, but the bartender can change this sign to any number of fun themes!


The kitchen is the highly visible and usually bloody spawn location and workplace of the Chef. It is adjacent to Hydroponics, and shares a common area with the bar. It requires Kitchen access to enter.

It includes everything a Chef needs to cook nothing but burgers for the hundredth time, including a food processor, a blender, two microwaves, and plenty of table space. There is even a window that looks into Hydroponics, so the Botanists can supply you with ingredients directly if they don't use the smartfridge.

Then we have the freezer, which on the other hand is a dark and secluded area that houses the Gibber, a device the chef (and devious co-workers) uses to gib people. There is also a chem-master, ice cream cart (which can store other foods), and a deep fryer to cook greyshits in.


This is the starting location for the trustworthy Clown and the shy but competitive Mime. Requires Theatre access to attain entrance, which of course the clown and mime start off with (if they didn't the station would be a better place). You can annoy the shit out of everyone play awesome music with it and raise the morale of your allies during battles or win the heart of your soon-to-be lady with a lovely serenade. The piano's companion, the violin, can be found in the lower right corner.

Backstage there is a mirror to look pretty and an AutoDrobe vending machine that dispenses costumes. For example, you can vend a pirate costume (arr scurvy again), or a wizard costume (MAGIC MISSLE!!1). The theatre is a facade -- nobody will ever host a play or god forbid, concert on the stage. They will, however, steal any kitty ears and rabbit ears possible as well as any costume pieces lying about.

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